Photography by Herb DeWaal

The links below take you to several galleries of photos from underwater film shoots
as well as photos of the diversified marine coastline of Vancouver and the surrounding areas.
Also included are photos from recent adventures and anything else that caught my eye.





Camera Operator Braden Haggerty

Underwater Film Production

Underwater Filming Gallery 1

Underwater Filming Gallery 2

Underwater Filming Gallery 3

Underwater Filming Gallery 4

Underwater Filming Gallery 5

Underwater Filming Gallery 6

Underwater Filming Gallery 7

Underwater Filming Gallery 8

Vancouver Waterfront Gallery 1

Vancouver Waterfront Gallery 2

Vancouver Waterfront Gallery 3

Vancouver Waterfront Gallery 4

Vancouver Waterfront Gallery 5

Entrance Island
Waterfront Vancouver

Jamacian Earthship adventure

Earth Ships 101

Jamaican Gallery 1

Jamaican Gallery 2

Mexico Gallery 1

Mexico Gallery 2

Mexico Gallery 3

Mexico Gallery 4

Mexico Gallery 5

San Sebatian, Mexico

Jalisco, MX

the Drop

Herb DeWaal Gallery 1

Samantha Swords

Roofdeck view

3D DeSign

Dive Buds

Joshua Tree National Park

Diver's Guide to Vancouver Island

Underwater Trailers and Reels

South Delta Sun Devils Football Provincial Champions

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