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 Underwater Filming Photo Gallery 7

Contact: The actors in this advertising copy for the Vancouver Aquarium were digitally photographed underwater in a regular swimming pool. Separate shots were taken for the actors reflections in the aquarium glass. With professional post-production editing the finished product looks amazing. Although this was a stills shoot we used 1200 watt underwater movie lamps instead of the typical strobe lights normally used by stills photographers. The photographer was Phillip Jarmain, technical consultant was Pauline Heaton, csc, underwater gaffer/safety diver was Patrick Moore, and underwater key grip/safety diver was Herb DeWaal.

The production company was TAXI in collaboration with NOBASURA.





Composite image 1 with underwater talent

Composite image 2 with underwater talent

Composite image 3 with underwater talent

Composite image 4 with underwater talent


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